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Lt cleaning my M-16 along the DMZ
Tad Pritchett, Evanville,IN cleaning rifle, DMZ
LCP Brown and his PRC-25 radio
Radioman Lonnie Brown, Sacramento
Jeff Blevins
Jeff Blevins Topeka, KS. Captured BAR. 11th Infry

Defensive Posistions
Keith Short (middle) 1st Bde, 5 Division
Danny Williams, Patoka, IN
Sgt Dave La Porte, Lt Danny Williams L 3/3
Awaiting Helicopter Lift
Marine Patrol awaiting helicopter
Lt Jim Ritter Con Thien L3/3
Lt Jim Ritter, Con Thien L3/3
Sgt Rock Squad
Squad L 3/3 in Vietnamese Graveyard along DMZ
Mail Call L 3/3
Mail Call L 3/3
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