Veterans I have known
Lt Robert Reising
Navy Lt. Robert Reising, my Namesake.

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Dan Sullivan and Tad Pritchett in Hue. Still great friends.

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Lt Jim Ritter, USMC CO L Company 3/3

Photos of L Company 3/3 Third Marine Division 1968-69
Jim Ritter
Frank L Brown
Bob Durand

President Nixon's Troop Withdrawal and "Peace with Honor"

Leaving Vietnam 1969 with 9th Marines




Topeka, Kansas
National Guard Museum
Opening ceremony speech for the Traveling Vietnam Wall.

Tad, GSgt.Koons, Cpl. Anderson, 1st Sgt. Arnold

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GSGT Koons, CPL Anderson, Tad Pritchett, 1SGT Arnold

Senator John McCain

Several Years ago I had the honor of meeting Senator John McCain. I had cracked a joke about being a Marine Captain and he obviously liked it but zapped me with another joke that cracked me up.
I will never insinuate that I can relate to what he went through in Hanoi Hlton but I can relate to his humanity. He was beaten and intimidated beyond comprehension be he NEVER cracked! He defines to me what being a great American is all about.
What a great American!


11 November 2018 Marks the 100th Anniversary of the End
of WWI

A dud in a Belgian farm field is still a lethal weapon. To this day, Duds are ubiquitous.
Tad Pritchett taken by David Murray.

Dave Murray at 35 ID Monument

Dave Murray at the 35 Division Monument

The 35th Division was comprised of the Missouri and Kansas National Guard Units. This memorial is to the Missouri Doughboys but there is no Memorial for the Kansas Doughboys.





Jane Spicer Sullivan

I first "met" Jane in the Spring of 1969 in Quang Tri, Vietnam. She and her daughter, Katherine, lived in Richmond, Virginia alone while her husband, Capt. Dan Sullivan, was serving his country as a Marine in Vietnam. She was all Dan talked about and I came to know her.

When we came home, Jane and my first wife Donna became fast friends, Katherine and my son Matthew were inseparable.

Jane was one of the most facinating people I have ever met. Her balance engendered calmness, her patience kindled understanding.

Both Jane and Donna are gone now but still best friends. They were Vietnam Veterans who got no credit, backing their Marines in very difficult times. They were alone, always there, always faithful, forgotten heroes awashed in chaos!

To the real Vietnam Veterans.


Jet on Flight Deck
Naval Air Pictures
Kevin Davis and Shaun Swartz
Blue Angels Pictures

Air National Guard Pictures

WWII Navy and Japan Pictures

Does anyone recognize this unit? It is part of the Army 1st Bde 5th Infantry Division close to the DMZ. Lima Company 3/3 Marines was opcon to this unit. February, 1969
Looking at rice paddies and listening to moon walk
Listening to my portable radio and looking out at these ancient rice paddies, in direct communication with Neil Armstrong stepping onto the surface of the moon. Northeast of Hue: July 20, 1969



Tadfrogs Books


Bosse High School Class of 1961


LCP Frank (Lonnie) Brown
Lima Company, 3/3
Sacramento, CA

Lonnie Brown
Found alive and well!

F. L Brown's Lima Pictures

Tad Pritchett in Belleau Wood
"Retreat? Hell, we just got here!" Marine Captain Lloyd Williams, 2/5

I am standing in Belleau Wood where the Marine Corps made it's reputation as a fighting force.

Tad Pritchett assists retiring colors
I had the privilege of retiring the colors at the Aisne Marne Cemetery at
Belleau, France




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